Simplicity in Parenting

By Dr. Randy Cale

I just read a news release that someone is suggesting that “less is more” when it comes to parenting. 

I couldn’t agree more.  In most areas where children get more and more…less is needed. 

Less TV
Less Video
Less nagging
Less protecting
Less catering to picky eating
Less negotiating
Less compromise on healthy values

Well, the list could go on.  I don’t mean to rant and rave, but we all do get lost sometimes. Less is more…because it leaves more time for the healthy stuff…more time to love…more time to be creative…more time to learn from their mistakes.

It’s not that every child needs less of these things.  But it is that most of the momentum of our culture has moved to over-protecting, over-indulging, over-stimulating, and over-feeding our children with anything they want.

It’s as if we can’t tolerate our kids being upset at us…for even a day or two.  Instead, we compromise our values, and what we know to be right, to keep the peace and avoid an upset.

There is not integrity in that path, and more important perhaps, there is no long term peace in that path.

More on this as time goes on..

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About Dr Cale

During the past 23 years, in working with hundreds of families, I began to realize that many parents, just like you, were showing up in my office well-educated—but getting poor results. They had been to therapy, they had read the books and even attended other training programs—yet their children were still not listening, not doing homework and not cooperating.

I discovered that many of these parents were parenting with false ideas about how to predictable and reliably shape and change their children’s behavior. As a result, I began to develop ideas about the core behavior change principles…and how to turn each of these into specific parenting solutions. As long as I was able to stay true to these principles, the most challenging problems quickly faded away.

My purpose with this program is to give you access to the strategies that come from these core principles. By practicing and following through with the techniques in this program, you will be able to transform any set of negative behavior patterns in your home. Your kids will be happier and more responsible. They will quickly learn to be respectful, cooperative and helpful around the house. Tantrums, whining, complaining and negativity will be a thing of the past.